CACI@CIT 2018 


Left Main & Complex PCI strategies in extremely challenging scenarios.
Friday March 23rd 1.30 PM-3.00 PM

Moderators: Alfredo E Rodriguez MD,PhD, Aníbal Damonte MD and Prof Shao-Ling-Chen MD

1.30 PM - Session Objectives: Aníbal Damonte MD 

1.35 PM - Case Presentation: Gustavo Samaja MD 

1.42 PM- Lecture: Current Interventions for LM bifurcations Imad Sheiban MD 

1.54 PM - Case Presentation: Dionisio Chambre MD 

2.01PM - Lecture: New Insights from Fu-Wai Left Main Registry Prof. Xu Bo MD

2.13 PM - Case Presentation: Adolfo López Campanher MD 

2.20 PM - Lecture: DK crush vs Provisional stenting in Left main bifurcations: DK-Ctush and Definition II Randomized studies Prof. Shao-Lin-Cheng MD 

2.32 PM - DISCUSSION with Expert Pannel and Audience 

Alejandro Cherro MD, Federico Giachello MD, Juan Mieres MD.

2.55 PM - Session Summary and Closing Remarks: Alfredo E Rodriguez MD, PhD

Highlights CIT 2018

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