Focus on challenges and complications of left main PCI
With the collaboration of the Argentinian College of Interventional Cardioangiologists (CACI) and the Working Group of Interventional Cardiology of the Netherlands (WIC)

WEDNESDAY 22 MAY 2019 10:30 -12:00 ROOM 341 / LEVEL 3

Chairpersons: A. Damonte , S.H. Hofma

Panellists: A. de Vos , R. Kevorkian

Speakers: A. Damonte , A.A. Fernandez , S.H. Hofma , G. Leenders , O. Mendiz , D.F. van Wijk

Theme / Topic: Coronary Interventions, Left main and multivessel disease

Focus on: International Collaboration


10:30 Session objectives

S.H. Hofma

10:35 Complicated left main PCI

O. Mendiz

10:40 Discussion and audience interaction

10:50 Case treatment

10:53 Key learnings

A. Damonte

10:55 A pseudo-aneurysm of the left main

D.F. van Wijk

11:00 Discussion and audience interaction

11:10 Case treatment

D.F. van Wijk

11:13 Key learnings

S.H. Hofma

11:15 Stent displacement during the treatment of an ostial and ulcerated lesion in a short left main coronary artery

A.A. Fernandez

11:20 Discussion and audience interaction

11:30 Case treatment

A.A. Fernandez

11:33 Key learnings

A. Damonte

11:35 Left main occlusion during TAVR, anticipation is everything

G. Leenders

11:40 Discussion and audience interaction

11:50 Case treatment

G. Leenders

11:53 Key learnings

S.H. Hofma

11:55 Session evaluation and key learnings

A. Damonte

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